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DID YOU EVER SIT DOWN IN THE SUMMER SUN near a clear stream? Or gazed into a garden pond? There's something in water that attracts people. So do the mysterious 'depths' of pond and stream. In your imagination you descend in the murk water under the water lilies: what lives beneath?  Here you may find a piece of the answer, pictures and descriptions of a small part of the amazing vast and complex life in small waters.. A world of it's own, a small cosmos, harsh cruel and repulsive - but as much astonishing, fascinating and beautiful. Plunge in its depths as often as you may - each time you will learn new things, which bring as many questions as knowledge with them, even so for animals you take for granted..

THE MAIN CONTENT OF THIS SITE consists of pictures and descriptions of small animals found in ponds, ditches and streams in the Netherlands. Animals found and pictured by the author, unless otherwise stated. This site is meant for people who want to know more about the life forms in pond and stream. But scientists and experienced biologists might enjoy the pictures of species in Holland. The major goal is keeping interest in our divine rich, but sadly vulnerable nature.

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All pictures on this site were made by Gerard Visser (Aadorp, Netherlands), unless stated otherwise. All rights remain with him. These pictures may not be used for purposes any other than private viewing or printing. Should you need them for purposes which include third parties, you must ask the athour permission by e-mail. People, who want to use this pictures for exhibitions or publications or educative material are encouraged to do so after approval as mentioned and giving the normal credits.
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